Call Management Software Guide

ip-Screener by ip-Studio

The ip-Screener software suite from ip-Studio is the result of many years of research and development, intended for the management of calls and business contributions. Equipped with centralized functionalities making it possible to organize a complete management of listeners and telephone inserts. This solution is suitable for large groups (TV / Radio) as well as for small and medium-sized facilities. The ip-Screener offers a multitude of features, fully customizable and adapted to your studios’ or workflows. Learn More.


XScreen by Broadcast Bionics

With a free and premium edition, cloud-based or local server XScreen makes it easy to get the most from your Telos Multi-line Phone Systems and VSets supporting the VXs, VX Enterprise, VX Prime+, HX6, and iQ6 systems. The intuitive XScreen user interface keeps you informed at a glance and in control with a single touch.

XScreen software provides call control, call screening, data capture, and chat functionality enabling you to quickly answer, screen, and route calls across multiple PC clients. The cloud-based database keeps a log of calls and provides further alert and directory functionality. XScreen can record and manage caller audio (Livewire® systems only) XScreen can additionally act as a softphone for talking to and screening callers directly through a USB headset or soundcard on your XScreen client PC. Learn More. 


NeoScreener by NeoGroupe

NeoScreener is a set of applications that allows Live Talk Shows to handle efficiently the flow of incoming phone calls. The NeoScreener software suite interfaces to Telos broadcast phone systems, has numerous features to welcome, filter, screen and present calls to the Hosts in the studio. With a history of reliability, NeoScreener has made its way to major Talk Shows, Sports Talk stations and even Television stations with Politics and Open Phones shows, because it eases daily calls processing. NeoScreener eliminates the need for talkback audio systems, makes all information regarding calls instantly visible to anyone involved in the show, and also recognizes the callers based on their caller ID and history. Learn More.